The Rise of HubSpot Content Hub : AI-powered Content Marketing

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The Rise of HubSpot Content Hub : AI-powered Content Marketing

As a leading Australian HubSpot diamond partner, specialising in the CRM and CMS, we have a passion for creating beautiful websites and creative marketing strategies, you can imagine that HubSpot CMS hub is our go-to for building unique and highly functioning websites for our customers.

So as the news came that HubSpot cms hub was getting an upgrade, we were over the moon.

As of April 3rd 2024, HubSpot CMS Hub is now known as HubSpot Content Hub and has been dosed with a whole bunch of new features and superpowers.

So why the change?

As anything, HubSpot is forever evolving to meet the needs of its customers. As Ai (Skynet) is vastly growing in adoption all over the world, with its capabilities expanding daily, HubSpot has joined this adventure, creating powerful tools that utilise this power. This is what has led to the evolution of HubSpot CMS Hub to HubSpot Content Hub.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, marketers are tasked with crafting more content than ever, spreading it across a myriad of channels at various stages of the customer journey, and tailoring it to resonate on a personal level with the buyer. The demand for fresh, engaging content is skyrocketing, yet the resources available to teams remain constant. Identifying standout topics that can pierce through the clutter and captivate our target audiences has become a formidable challenge.

Welcome HubSpot Content Hub

Content Hub Logo - Dark Text

Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-powered Content Marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey. With Content Hub you can easily create personalised content experiences that drive engagement across your entire customer journey, in addition to managing content assets at scale from a single source of truth.

With all the powers of HubSpot CMS, combined with AI, consider it like  Ironman adding Jarvis to his suit.

CMS Hub > Content Hub

The new features of HubSpot Content Hub

While all of our beloved features from CMS remain, website drag-and-drop capabilities, smart rules, ab-testing, trackable cta’s, data and analytics and much much more, there are a few new things that are really getting our attention.

HubSpot Podcasts

Launch a podcast to captivate your audience with compelling audio content. When crafting a podcast episode in HubSpot, you have the flexibility to either upload your personally recorded audio files or leverage AI-generated audio for a seamless creation process.

Just like blogs have their dedicated environment to manage content, podcasts will gain a new and exciting environment dedicated to one of the fastest-growing ways to absorb content in the last 10 years.

The number of podcasts and podcast episodes you can create depends on your account's subscription. Content Hub Pro will gain up to 5 podcast shows and up to 1000 episodes. Enterprise will gain up to 50 podcast shows and up to 1000 episodes.

Not only can you upload a podcast that you’ve recorded, but you can use AI to generate a voice for your podcast from a script you insert.

Create AI Generated Voice for your Podcast

Content Remix

Content Remixes are our innovative AI-driven solutions designed to transform your prime content for multi-channel use effortlessly. They empower you to swiftly adapt long-form content into engaging short-form pieces and create fresh assets to captivate new audiences. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for the initial content transformation across different platforms, content marketers are liberated to concentrate on refining their messages to resonate deeply with their audience and tackle strategic priorities. This means less time spent manually converting blog posts, ebooks, landing page offers, and podcasts into social posts, ads, marketing emails, and more. And honestly, the potential here is nothing short of remarkable.

Check out this demo showcasing how easy it is to take content and interpret it into 3 different mediums in minutes. 

An AI Robo-cop is still a long way away, but it can help marketers write content across different channels any day of the week.

Brand Voice

With the introduction of HubSpot’s AI Brand Voice, we're taking a giant leap forward, blending the remarkable efficiency of AI with a touch of human warmth to ensure every piece of your blog content genuinely reflects your brand’s unique essence. This innovative tool is designed not just to maintain, but to deepen the personal connection you share with your audience, making sure every word echoes your brand's authentic voice. It ensures AI-generated content speaks more to how you want to be portrayed, and not end up sounding like the Terminator asking for directions.

HubSpot's AI Brand Voice is fine-tuned using samples of your unique blog content, empowering you to create compelling, personalised blog posts that truly resonate with your audience – echoing your distinct voice. This innovation enhances efficiency, ensures uniformity across different authors, and engages your audience with genuine blog posts that not only drive engagement but also deliver tangible results.

HubSpot Content Hub Brand Voice

It enables you to apply your brand voice to content to ensure you or anyone else who is writing content, social posts or landing pages maintains consistency.

AI Image Generation

With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly create customized visuals with just a click. AI Image Generation is available in Blog, Website, Landing Page, Email, and Social Media post-editors.

HubSpot Content Hub AI Generated Imagery

Automatically translate multi-language content

With AI tools powered by DeepL, you can automatically translate page and post content into other languages. You can create automatically translated content as new language variations or replace existing content with a new translation. 

When creating a mult-language variant website page, for this, let’s say Spanish, as you edit the page and select your content, you’ll be prompted by the normal AI star icon. However, if you click “re-write” it will re-write the content in the language variant you’re on. 

Now you can imagine, we do recommend you have someone who can actually read that language give it a once over, but from working with clients already trying this tool, it gets bloody close, with some small things needing to be changed like colloquialisms or specific phrases you wouldn’t otherwise know unless you knew that language.

This tool will ever evolve, but this is the first step in being able to provide your content to even more people and make your expertise and industry leadership consumable to new customers like never before.

Member Content and portals now available in Content Professional!

Ok, this one is the feature we’ve been most excited about. Historically only available in CMS enterprise, this was always a highly requested, and highly valuable feature for our customers. Now, it’s available on Content Hub Professional. 

Office Dance

The power of being able to manage memberships, and create exclusive content that is gated not just by a form, but by being a registered customer is just insane. We’ve built member portals for our customers in many different ways. Either for members to access specific resources, and benefits and to update their membership information, or to create dealer portals where they can access specific information that is only relevant to be a reseller of our customer.

You can see the power this has in our HubSpot Customer Portal demonstration walkthroughs for some of our customers.

If you’ve always wanted to create a customer portal for your business, now has never been a better time. Contact us to learn more about how they work and what they can do for your business.

AI-Powered Post Narration

Through another, just crazy feature powered by AI, we can now add an automated narration of your blog posts. With a small amount of code needing to be added to your HubSpot CMS website’s blog template, you can now generate an audio file of your blog article. We’ve added it to this blog post so take a look and see how it works.

How does it affect your current subscription?

So with these new powerful tools and the evolution of HubSpot Content Hub, the question is asked, how does this work if you already have HubSpot CMS.

Simple, eventually these tools will all flow into your current subscription. HubSpot CMS Hub will change to Content Hub and you’ll continue to use all the tools you have now, plus all of these new features.

However, with the evolution of Content Hub, comes the adaption of Marketing Hub. Marketing Hub has historically been the bridge, containing features that seemed more content marketing than the core features of Marketing Hub such as email marketing and automation, social marketing and ads. This means in time, landing page and blog features will no longer be part of the Marketing Pro and above plan. But all is not lost. Marketing Hub will gain another option. Marketing+. This is a small add-on to just obtain these features. This allows companies that don’t quite need the full power of Content Hub, but need more than the traditional Marketing Hub.

All of this information can be found on the Marking Hub Pricing page, Content Hub Pricing page on the HubSpot website.

We’re here to help

If you need any information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. As one of Australia’s leading HubSpot Diamond partners, specialising in the CRM and website design and development, this is the update we’ve been most excited for, for some time. This is what we do.

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Author Jarrod Carnegie